Orgono Living Silica

OLS “recharges” the body with organic silica. Richly charged with negative and positive ions, OLS rebalances and restores damaged or weakened cells, by intervening directly in the process of cellular regeneration. It is in this way that organic silica helps you maintain, improve, or reestablish your energy health and wellbeing. The use of OLS by over 1,000,000 people shows that the product is:

· effective

· non-toxic

· hypo-allergenic

· can be completely assimilated by the human body, animals and plants


Official tests carried out by the EVIC CEBA laboratory in accordance with the European Directives: 8616091CEE of the 24th of November 1986; 93135/EEC of the 14th June 1993; and 20031151EC of the 27th February 2003.


  organo-silica (or organic silica)

Scientific designation: monomethyl silane triol

pH: 6,6.

Appearance: limpid and colorless

Taste: slightly acrid (the taste may differ from person to person depending on the health condition)

Storage: room temperature. Remains fresh for up to one year after breaking the seal and up to four years when unopened and sealed.

Ingredients: 0.2 % of a solution of organic silica, water (OLS liquid)


MINERAL SILICA is the principal constituent of the earth’s crust (27.80% by weight), second only to oxygen (46.60%). It is found in amorphous or crystallized form in different rock types such as granites, sandstone, clay, etc. It is used by industries in numerous fields including information technology. Mineral silica is toxic for the human body. This is why, in commerce, it is only found in homeopathic dilution or as colloidal silica (i.e. restructured molecules).WHAT IS SILICA AND WHERE IS IT FOUND?

ORGANIC SILICA differs from these by the presence of one or more atoms of carbon combined with hydrogen. In this form, it is one of the essential demands of living material, which is proven by the level found in plants, animals and humans.

Organic silica is present throughout the human body. It is found in different organs and glands lungs, liver, heart, spleen, brain, pancreas, adrenal glands, thymus, etc. There are significant quantities found in the skin and its derivatives nails and hair. Bones contain silica, as do the walls of the blood vessels and the enamel on teeth. It is found in all the cells of the human body in varying quantities, depending on their location: it facilitates or reestablishes the electrical exchanges occurring on the level of cell membranes.


It is highly recommended to carry out the intensive course of OLS when using it for the first time, followed by the maintenance course if necessary or desired. This is to rebalance the body as a whole and produce higher energy levels.

OLS should be taken 10 minutes before each meal morning, midday and evening. The evening portion can be taken just before going to bed. Keep in the mouth for at least one minute before swallowing.

At birth humans have only a certain quantity of organic silica. However, with the ageing process the amount diminishes in an irreversible manner. By the time he becomes an adult, man has used up to 80% of his organic silica.

Silica plays an important part in the multiplication of fibroblasts – these are responsible for the formation of collagen fibers, which in turn are responsible for the suppleness and elasticity of the body. When you consider the role it plays in growth and regeneration, its importance in supporting and restoring the body’s systems, it is true to say that it is a major force in all living things.

Silica is also an important part of connective tissue which is the most abundant type of tissue found in the human body. Its main work is in the support and the functioning of the body: cartilage, bone, blood vessels, fat tissue and blood are all connective tissue. Connective tissue also covers the muscle fibers, encases the lobes of the lungs, surrounds the ventricles of the heart, etc.OLS should be taken internally as the cells of the body can use it as they require, but it can be used as an external application on the site, in order to provide a greater synergistic effect.

Human body is incapable of transforming mineral silica from the diet (food and drinks) into organic silica. However it is found in infinitesimal amounts in certain plants e.g. horsetail and bamboo, and also in the husks of seeds. While mineral silica cannot be assimilated by the human body, ORGANIC SILICA CAN BE COMPLETELY ASSIMILATED. It is not possible to store organic silica, and a daily supplement is required to replenish the body.