Microcurrent Acupuncture Treatment can be used with or without needles, therefore we use it a lot with children and people who are afraid of needles. In many cases it can be more effective then needles alone because of its ability to directly put energy into the system like lasers, TDP lamps and moxibustion while at the same time relaxing them. The research literature does report that microcurrent is capable of causing cells to synthesize ATP at a rate 500 times more rapidly than milliampere (TENS) current. This research was done with TENS pads but is probably applicable to needle stimulation as well. The probes are moistened with a saline solution and applied to the acupuncture points for stimulation, you usually don’t feel much with microcurrent, the treatment time with probes is only 15 second to a minute for each point or for 2-5 minutes on points directly over the treatment area.